Diamond Candle Rings
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Diamond Ring Candles Gift Ideas...

Here are some suggestions for occasions to give such a meaningful gift.


Your wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to give a simulated diamond ring and celebrate the years you have been with her. It is also a great gift because anniversary bands can be stacked with a wedding ring as a reminder of how much your love has continued to grow. For certain wedding anniversaries, it’s traditional to give a gift of a metal or gemstone. For these occasions, a ring is the perfect gift. There are the obvious ones, like diamond, ruby or pearl anniversaries. But what about when the name of the anniversary doesn’t lend itself to jewelry? The 10th anniversary, for example, traditionally invites gifts of tin. Not very exciting. But ten years of marriage is significant and the ideal time to give the gift of a ring. You might decide to go in fives, or perhaps tens, to decide when to give a more expensive present.


Birthdays are a great time to give a simulated diamond ring – especially if it’s a “milestone” birthday such as turning 21, 25, 30, 40 and beyond! It is a great gift to make her feel even more special on the one day of the year that is all about her. Diamond Ring Candles are a great choice for a birthday gift.

Birth of a Child

What better way to celebrate the birth of a child than with the gift of a diamond ring. Just as a wedding ring is an everyday reminder for the love you have for her, a diamond ring for the birth of a child will be a beautiful reminder of the life you brought into this world. Few gifts are ones that she can cherish for the rest of her life, which makes a diamond ring a great choice for this occasion. Diamond Ring Candles are a great choice for a gift.

Baptism Gifts

What a lovely way to commemorate such an important occasion for baby or adult. Diamond Ring Candles are a great choice for a gift.


Whether it’s high school, college, or graduate school, many people purchase graduation rings from their schools to represent their time spent there, but the offerings of styles can definitely be slim. Purchasing a diamond ring is a great alternative, as it is the perfect opportunity to pick a graduation ring that truly suits her style. It can also be engraved on the inside with a special message, which would make her graduation even more personalized.

Coming of Age with Jewelry:

Gifts for Rite-of-Passage


Attending a special celebration? Consider giving the lasting gift of jewelry. Marking the passage from childhood to adulthood is a timeless tradition. Various religious and cultural rituals celebrate coming of age for both girls and boys, though in some cultures young women make a bigger splash into society with parties and ceremonies. With these traditions, of course, comes gift giving.
Mother's Day Gifts Father's Day Gifts Christmas Gifts Valentine's Day Gifts Love You Gifts Housewarming Gifts Quincentenary Gifts Sympathy/Memorial Gifts Match your accessories with your outfit You do not have to wait for an occasion to buy yourself diamond rings or have one gifted to you. Choose your own and wear it every day. Give your ring a traditional or classic design by setting it in gold or platinum. You can mix and match a few natural colored stones to make up the ensemble. Diamonds are forever! Wear them any way you like and enjoy the feeling of being decked in bling. Wear clothes that match your jewelry. Get your favorite jeweler to design unique diamond rings for you to enjoy.