Diamond Candle Rings

Why Smart Women Choose Cubic Zirconia And Moissanite

Engagement Rings

Fashion magazines have sworn up and down that the traditional diamond engagement ring is out. More and more often, women are choosing alternative engagement rings, made out of different metals and featuring different stones. And it makes sense, why walk around with a huge investment on your finger, when you could put that money towards a home, college fund, or an unforgettable tropical vacation.

Now, if you love diamonds and have always dreamed of a clear, shiny rock on

your wedded finger, you should definitely consider a cubic zirconia ring.

Seriously, if you want to get the look of a large diamond, but don’t want to pay

the large price tag, or are concerned about the environmental impact of

diamonds, there is no reason not to choose the man-made alternative. An

exquisite cubic zirconia ring is your best alternative for a real diamond. It looks

as beautiful and captivating as the real thing. Just like diamond, cubic zirconia

exudes timeless beauty, versatility, and elegance - and most people will not be

able to tell the difference.

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Diamond Candle Rings

The brilliant thing about with simulated diamonds is that you can get the look

of genuine diamonds without spending more than you can afford. If you

already have a diamond engagement ring, choose a CZ engagement ring to

wear for everyday wear or travel. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting

your ring at the gym, or losing it as you go about your busy day.


About Diamond Ring


You will receive a beautiful Pink Jell Candle, unscented or lightly scented with a soft aroma unlike any other scent in the world! (You choose scented or unscented) In the candle you will be a Diamond Ring made of either cubic Zirconia or Moissanite stones. With the band of the ring plated in Gold or Silver. You receive not 1 but 2 Rings. A stunning set! Our Diamond Ring Candles are affordable at $24.99. Only about 1% of the women of the world are fortunate enough to sport a 1 carat diamond ring or better. Now all women can afford to enjoy the fiery brilliance of one of our gorgeous diamond rings! Now you can wear it with confidence and enjoy looking like a star every day! Get the ring of your dreams at an amazing price!